Remove Facebook Tickr using AdBlock Plus

To compete with the storm of Google+, Facebook has made a big change in its design.  Facebook has a new Tickr function wherein you can view the latest status updates at the right side of your browser instead of the center where it is supposed to be. If you’re frustrated by this new addition, then you can remove the Tickr using AdBlock Plus. it was originally designed for Firefox but after more than 100 million downloads, it is now the most popular extension on the internet. So it is only sensible that they make one for Chrome.


Now the Tickr is the a box present at the right corner of your browser window where all the latest updates on Facebook appear. This Tickr is quite useless sometimes quite irritating. Please note that the steps below are for Chrome users only. Now to remove the Tickr from your browser forever, follow these steps:

1. Download the extension from this link here: AdBlock Plus

2. Now go to Tools -> Extensions from your Chrome browser.


3. Under the extensions tab, you will find a list of all the add-ons present on your browser. From this list go to the options for AdBlock Plus.

4. From the options, go to Add your own filters.


6. After getting this done, restart your browser and when you open Facebook, the Ticker should be gone5. Here, add the following filter.

Enjoy your Facebook without annoying Ticker.

You can also try Hide Facebook Sidebar Ticker Google Chrome extension to hide the Tickr.

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