Repair Your Windows Internet Connection Using This Tool

Many times it happens that your internet stops working without any reason. Well there is a reason behind every problem but it is very difficult to figure it out. The problem may be due to failure of your ISP, PPP password invalid issue, or it exist inside your own computer. You can open Run command line and ping your IP to figure our the reply is coming from the server end or not. If the reply is coming then the problem exists in your computer.


There is a tool known as Complete Internet Repair that checks for all the possible internet related issues inside your computer and tries to solves them easily. Download the application and run the CIntRep.exe file. You don’t need to install this tool on your computer.

It shows some options and the check boxes next to them. Now carefully check the options. According to the note attached along with the tool, there are two golden rules to use this tool: don’t try and repair something that is not broken, you might break it. Secondly; the utility can’t repair it all. It means if you are unsure about the issue then don’t try to make your hands dirty. Before using this tool it’s better to take advice of some expert. (If there is no expert around you then call to your ISP’s customer care executive and file a complain. The engineer will take care of the rest.)


Meanwhile if you are expert of handling your computer’s internet connection then you can use this tool because you know which options to check and if by mistake you break anything then you know how to fix it again.

Download Complete Internet Repair.

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