Resize your Pictures in Bulk Using this Interesting Web App

Has it happened with you that you have taken hundreds of pictures on your smartphone or even a camera and come back home thinking that you need to E-Mail them to office colleagues using the office E-Mail ID? The major restriction here is the fact that you can only send the images in a particular size which cannot be too long to avoid over bulking the e-mail as well as the inbox. Not just this, there have been several instances where we have had to batch resize images.

Bulk Resize

The right way of going about this is by using a web application called Bulk Resize Photos. You can resize up to 150 images in just about 60 seconds as the description of the tool says. We tried with about 5 or 6 images and it took us about 10 seconds to get the job done. The best part about it is that there is no fee linked in order to use the web app and you can go ahead and use the tool for absolutely free without worrying about ads or fees. The only issue is that you will need to upload and download the images which can take away from the internet bandwidth that you are using.

It is a fairly simplistic tool so you will have absolutely no issues learning your way around.

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