How To Resolve Airtel Internet (PPP Password Invalid) Issue

I shifted to Gurgaon few days back. Before shifting I applied for Airtel broadband connection (I knew they take at least two days for installation and activation of connection). But I was so disappointed by their working methodology because after giving plenty of calls to Airtel, it took 5 days to install the setup and activating connection.

But their failure story didn’t end here. After installation, I started facing issues, as the internet light (third one in the modem “green color”) switched off automatically and I was unable to browse the internet.

Airtel fail

After so many efforts (by me and Airtel engineers) my internet is now working well. Here’s how the engineer resolved the issue.

If you are using Beetel Wi-fi modem (Airtel guys ask you to purchase it at the time of installation from Beetel) then perform the following activity.

1. Open the browser (Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer).

2. Type http://. in the address bar.

3. In the username field, type admin and in the password field type password.

4. You’ll get the Beetel screen as shown in the screenshot below.

SNR 4062951

5. Check the screenshot. If the ADSL status is showing connected then everything is fine from the Airtel end, If it is showing the response “PPP password invalid” then there is problem from the Airtel’s end.

6. To resolve the PPP password invalid issue, call to the Airtel customer care. Tell him the problem and ask him to resolve the isssue. They would ask you to perform the above mentioned steps. After completing the steps, the customer care executive will provide you the PPPoE password.

7. Now go to PPPoE/PPPoA area. In the password field, remove the previous password and enter the new password provided by the Airtel customer care executive. Scroll down the page and click the “Save” button.

beetel password

8. Reset your modem by clicking the button given at the back side. Wait for some time , it takes some time to turn on all the lights of the modem. After lights next to Power, DSL, Wifi, and Internet turn on then open the website in your browser.

9. If the website opens properly then the issue is resolved. If it is still giving the problem then probably there is some bigger technical fault from the Airtel’s end. Register your complain and wait for the Airtel engineer to come and resolve the issue.

Note: Don’t change any other settings of your Wi-fi modem. Also don’t enter any other password in the password field. Your wi-fi passkey and the PPPoE password are totally different things.

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  1. well, its just the basic step…i have been facing the same issue since almost a yr now…had multiple engineers visit but no good…
    no one knows wats wrong..
    i even had the re-wiring done …. 🙁
    but heres my take on it…
    some time back airtel modified all its plans into fair usage policy..acc to which in every so called unlimited plan..u get to download at a higher rate n once the limit is reached, it cuts ur speed down to the basic…
    now my take is, is frequent disconnect issue has sth to do with that set up…coz thats wen i started facing the problem…
    i had no issues bfore …

    hope airtel reads this…

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