Revamp Your Windows Using Winstep Extreme

It doesn’t matter how many gizmos and gadgets you use, at the end of the day your pc/laptop is your best companion. If you have always admired the looks and user interface of the macbook but are reluctant to buy it because of the cost issues or the fact that running high end games could be an issue, this will be your best find till date. Winstep Xtreme for windows allows you to have an amazing look without any compromises on other grounds. It eliminates the huge clutter from your desktop and quickly organizes the applications and documents you use more frequently. It simplifies every aspect of your daily work.

With Xtreme you can customize the Interface so it suits you, and the way you work.

It is basically an integrated workspace environment, a powerful suite of desktop enhancement utilities that merge incredible usability and performance with breathtaking eye candy.

It is a bundle of some of their desktop programs, such as Nexus Ultimate, Workshelf, and Start Menu Organizer, among others. What the suite does is basically to perform a complete face-lift of your desktop – think extreme makeover for Windows.

The graphical interface is impeccable and the wide range of customizations make it a perfect software for those who like to experiment on the way their desktop looks.

The Winstep Xtreme suite includes the following applications:

1. Workshelf:

As you can see above the first row is the workshelf.Imagine no longer having to dig through countless menus and folders just to find what you’re looking for. Try to visualize NOT having to minimize your open windows just to launch a program on your desktop. Workshelf is a powerful and intuitive desktop organization tool that allows you to arrange frequently used files, folders and applications into their own groups and categories, providing quick access without disrupting your work environment. It is a tabbed dock (Shelf), better suited to complex organizational duties like organizing documents, URLs, movies, work projects, etc… If a dock is the top of your desk, then Workshelf is all the drawers below it.

The Shelf makes it possible to have a ‘clean’, uncluttered, desktop with no icons on it whatsoever by hiding the icons on the Desktop – icons that can then be quickly accessed via the Shelf’s Desktop tab. At the top left side of the workshelf is the “preferences” button which opens the door to a wide range of customizations like ‘docks and shelves’ , ‘modules’, ‘themes’ , ‘sound’ etc.

2. Nexus Ultimate:

Nexus is the dock system, and is just perfect for super fast access to your most used applications.

You can have as many docks as you want, and each can have multiple sub-docks! When not in use, docks can hide behind your screen edges, taking virtually no screen space.
The transitions are super cool and there are plenty of them to choose from.This is the dock system and ideally suited for offering extremely fast access to applications which are used most often by you. This is includes the recycler bin, a list of all programs running on the computer, the system tray, and many more.

3. NextSTART:

NextSTART is the menu system – and takes care of all your task management needs as well.

Your Start menu will be replaced by NextSTART, a more compact, faster menu system than Windows own. By default this provides more options, too, so for example it’s easy to access your desktop, Internet favourites, and documents folder in a couple of clicks. And you’re able to quickly create as many menus as you like, to launch applications, system commands, scripts, whatever you like. Menus are great for accessing infrequently used files and system related commands that aren’t easily reachable in the file system or that have no readily user-recognizable graphic representation. The task management part of NextSTART allows you to efficiently organize and manipulate running tasks and windows.NextSTART is a component for Winstep Xtreme. It improves your Windows Start menu by adding skinning abilities  and nicer menus. The component is designed to be ergonomic and nice looking.

4. Modules:

Modules, widgets, gadgets, docklets, desklets, are all different words to describe the same thing: mini-applications that usually live on your desktop and provide a staggering amount of information regarding your system.

Winstep Xtreme includes the following modules: a speaking Atomic Clock, Recycle Bin, Email Checker, Weather Monitor, CPU, Net and RAM Meters and the amazing ‘fortune cookie’ Wanda.

The fact is winstep offers so much that it is infact next to impossible to explain all its features and customizations. Winstep is complicated yet awesome. IT feels good to slowly explore the world of winstep and experiment on the different aspects and eye candy transitions. But for those who need a more detailed description and a to-do guide here’s the bible.

Believe it or not, once you learn to use this amazing theme and set it up according to your needs you will wonder why you had been stuck in the stone-age of the traditional desktop themes. So go ahead and flaunt an all new and sparkling desktop and leave everyone gazing at the magnificence.

A small video demonstration would help you get along better,so :

Youtube is the place to head.

Minimum System Requirements:

1. Windows 2000/2003 Server/XP/Vista/7

2. 32 or 64 bit.

3. 500 Mhz processor.

4. 256 MB of RAM.

5. 50 MB of free hard disk space.

6. Screen resolution 800×600 or higher.

If you come across any other theme that you like, please share it with us. If you have any problems using winstep feel free to contact us.

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  1. i’m nt a great fan of this… bt it does revamp ur windows’ look..
    n plz… win 8 is too good to use this 😛

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