Reverse Any Text Using Upside Down Writing

Yesterday I saw a status on my Facebook stream which puzzled me completely. The status was written in a flipped text. I wondered how that person typed that kind of text on his Facebook wall. After doing some research I found a nice website which generates reverse text (or flipped text) very easily. The tool is known as Flip text generator.

When you visit the site, you’ll find three boxes. All you need to do is type any text in the top box and it will instantly flip the text and displays it in two below given boxes. The text fonts of both the boxes are different. One font is for Instant Messengers like MSN, Live Messenger (as screen name) and another is for emails and websites. You can copy the fonts in the clipboard and paste it on the social networking sites and make them puzzled and curious.


This tool works best in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Also it requires UTF-8 to be visible (compatible with all the famous sites). If you are not on Windows then you may not get a desired results as it works well in Windows only.

Check out Upside down writing, Flip text generator.

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  1. so that’s the secret? I always wonder on how they do the reverse text or writing upside down, I thought that there’s a secret code to do that… thanks! 😛

  2. Another strategy:
    I searched a long time for a way to Facebook mirror text messages. Finding nothing great, I decided to build my own. Check out the groovy fonts and fun co Mirror Read Messaging, then see all the things you can do with words in reflection: Email, name tags, flashcards…. And much more.

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