Review: Mivi USB Type C to USB A 3.0 Braided Cable

It is no secret that the world is now moving towards USB Type-C connectors. While the Micro-USB port that we have come to love and appreciate on our Android phones is really convenient, it has its issues. It lacks versatility, it is not reversible and the connector is rather slow when it comes to read and write, in an age where we all are hungry for more and more speed. To cater to these requirements, we have moved on from Micro-USB points on phones to USB-Type C ports. These ports are one stop solution for charging your phones, playing music through them or even connecting multiple displays. 


The good part about the USB-Type C port is that they are able to carry a lot more power than the Micro USB ports and therefore have found a way to several modern laptops like the new MacBook and others. In short, USB Type-C is the perfect universal port. But, like any other transition, the transition to USB Type-C will not be smooth. There are a bunch of fake or low-quality cables that are out there which could seriously harm your devices. Given that USB Type-C can carry a high current theoretically, you have to be careful of the cable, so that the internals of the device are not damaged. Benson Leung, a Google Engineer took it upon himself to review several of these USB Type-C cables and to educate people about the standard needed. Out of this was born an app called CheckR, which tells you whether your Nexus phone with USB Type C is safe when plugged in with the USB Type-C to USB Type A cable. Thanks to CheckR, several low-quality cables have been busted, making USB Type-C to A cables, a bit of a novelty.


This is why Mivi, a fairly new name into the market approached us to check out their USB Type-C to A cable we were excited. Not only is the cable CheckR compatible, it is also perhaps the longest Type-C to A cable that we have seen. The cable measures a solid 6 feet in length and that is excellent news if you want to use your phone at a little distance off the wall charger. The default USB Type-C to A cable that ships with the Nexus 6P or the 5X are barely about few centimeters in length and Mivi overcomes that.


The cable is braided with nylon, which makes it really sturdy and strong. In fact, we played a bit of tug of war with the cable and it was capable of withstanding a lot of force. Since this is a braided cable, you will not even have a problem with cables tangling, though this does make portability a bit of a minor issue. As mentioned earlier, the cables qualifies the CheckR test too. It is capable of allowing up to 3A of current, which takes care of fast charging well.

There is an Aluminum shell that covers the connector, so that is a good thing too. The quality and durability of the cable is really good, and should make for a good pick up for you. You can go ahead and order for these cables at the official Mivi website here.

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