Rid Your System From Junk Files Using Gilisoft Disk Cleaner

There are a number of disk cleaners available on the internet today that will clean your hard disk from junk and unwanted files that would have been accumulated as time passes by. Gilisoft Disk Cleaner is another such utility but comes in a much smaller and lighter package and does an equally good job of removing unwanted junk files from your computer.


The file size for download of this incredibly light application is just 1 Mb and the installation is quite easy and straight forward. The only annoying thing is the toolbars that the installation comes with for installation. So make sure to disable the download of these toolbars before you proceed with your installation. Once installed and run on the system, you can perform a thorough scan of the computer for junk files. The application is quick and will not take much time to finish the scan for files. Once the scan is completed, click on the Clean button to start the cleaning process. Gilisoft Disk Cleaner will then delete all the files or the files that you have manually selected and the display the amount of space that has been cleared through the deletion of these files.

You can even perform an analysis of your hard disk using this application. Click on the Disk Analyzer tab and start a the analysis of the disk to know how well the space in your hard disk is being made use of.

Download Gilisoft Disk Cleaner

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