RIM Announces Standard Resolution For BB 10 Devices

If you have been following our site you would have known that we are extremely excited about the launch of BB 10. Blackberry has always been a corporate favorite of ours and we still believe nobody handles mails and Instant Messages as well as a BB does. However, it is a reality that BB 10 is probably the last throw of the dice for RIM if they want to be known as one of the leading players of the Mobile world.

In turn of events recently we also told you that the first BB 10 device is most likely to be a touchscreen phone instead of the regular qwerty form factor that we have come to expect from Blackberry. However Blackberry have all but ¬†confirmed that all their new devices will have a standard set of resolution. This is set to be 720×720 for qwerty devices and 1280×720 for the touchscreen ones. However, the first device that we will see from RIM will have a resolution of 1280×728, so those who will pick it will definitely have a rare collectable device.

What are your views on BB 10? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: Technobuffalo

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