Blackberry Playbook Fire Sale Begins

New year is the best time to gift your loved ones something unique. And the geeks within us here at Blogtechnika, always advice you to go the tech way. Tablets are the best selling Post PC devices and Blackberry’s Playbook was one of the first tablets to be launched. The device did not do too well, but it has gradually grown upon users primarily because of it’s potential.

With various announcements such as BBX and Android App support soon to be expected on the Playbook, there is plenty too look forward to. However, if you are looking forward to getting one of these tablets, then there is no better time. Blackberry Playbook is now available to buy for the cut price of $299. All the models i.e. 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB are available for the cut price till February the 4th. It is widely reported that this probably the last ditch attempt by RIM to try and set a foothold in the tablet market.

All the orders are expected to be shipped within two weeks of the order according to the official website. This attempt by RIM is expected to be met with a lot of enthusiasm especially since the 64 GB version is a good $400 cheaper. The prices have been dropped in the UK as well as in India and  the 16 GB version can be picked up for a miserly Rs. 13,999. However, outside the US, the prices are different so we request you to find out that from your local retailers.

Via: TechnoBuffalo


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