RIM Share Hit Another Low: What Does The Future Hold

RIM seems to be following the steps of another giant in Nokia to the lands of obscurity. The once giants of the mobile world were dealt another blow as their shares hit an all time low in last five years. I still remember how the push mail service and BBM were such stand out features and everyone owning a blackberry was seen as such a professional.

However, with the emergence of Android and iPhone, most of the things that once were unique to Blackberrys have become quite common. In fact despite all the software upgrades, Blackberry remains a step or maybe even two behind the leading players. So where does this leave RIM?


A look at the results shows that RIM has made $4.9 billion in revenue and $695 million in profits from RIM Q1 2011. Despite the impressive numbers, the shares have reached an all time low in five years. RIM certainly has been the major player at whose expense Android and iPhones have made their mar in the market.

The future doesn’t look too promising either. The new line up of the phones to come from RIM is not exactly the most exciting. In fact, I could go and say that even they are below par to the current set of phones coming from Android and Apple. Even the playbook, though initially grabbed rave reviews has totally fallen off the radar, thanks to glaring omissions like a native email client and calendar.

It is no brainer that RIM must come up with something much better than they have been and maybe its time to go back to the board and work on something exciting and new, something like what Microsoft did with their switch from windows mobile 6.5 to 7. How well that’s turned out for Microsoft is another story altogether. But at this rate, the future for RIM does look a little bleak.

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