Ringdroid Lets You Create Ringtones on Your Android Phones

Android comes with various inbuilt ringtones but we always urge for more ringtones in our Android ringtone library. There is an option to set any music as a ringtone, but as you all know that starting pitch of any song is too low and chances are high that you miss any important call.

To solve this problem, there is a better option to create a ringtones of our own. There was no good ringtone creator present on Android platform but now your search is over. Ringdroid is an efficient ringtone creator by which you can easily create ringtone of your choice.


All you need to do is go to Google Play store and download an application on your mobile. Using this app is extremely easy. You’ll get all the songs on its interface. You can play any song and select the start and end point of ringtone using two given sliders. After saving a ringtone on your device, you’ll get an option to make it a default ringtone.

By using this app one can create his own ringtone, alarm, or notification sound by using the music file present on mobile. There is an option to record your own voice or any other song to make it a ringtone.

The main feature of this app is it is completely free and you won’t get any ad while using it because it’s an open source project.

Check out Ringdroid [via Ghacks].

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