Ringdroid Lets you Create Your Own Ringtone

Are you one of those who aren’t satisfied with the default ringtones that you have on your phone? The songs that you set are too long to be set as ringer, then today’s app review is just for you. We are here to tell you about an application for the Android platform and a very popular one at that.

Ringdroid is a graphical waveform editor. You can use a music file let it be a song, a tune or even a recorded message, any kind of music on your microSD and select the parts of the music which you want to use. The best part about the app, it’s simple and easy to use!

Use the touch to drag the grey tabs to select the start and stop points i.e. select the part that you want to use. Once selected, that selected wave form will be distinctly visible on the screen. Before assigning it as your ringtone you can play the selection that you have made and can change it anytime!


It also has the option to filter the results that you see on the screen in case you have a number of songs on your SD card. Filter the library to see only the songs that you want to use in Ringdroid. As simple as that!

All in all, this is one app that you just shouldn’t miss, the best part, it’s absolutely free to download.

Download Ringdroid from Google Code Website.

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