RobotSoft Key Presser Presses Key Automatically

How frustrating is it that when you’re playing a game that requires pressing one button simultaneously and you sometimes end up having to restart the level because you just were not fast enough!!! Well, there is a solution to that. The new key presser from RobotSoft is a revolutionary tool for gamers to make their games a little easier.


The tool has options whether to keep the key pressed or to press the key at regular intervals. Key modifiers are available which when pressed initiate the sequence after which you will not have to press the key again and again. The tool then initiates a cycle due to which the key is pressed automatically and you can just sit and watch.

For instance, at the end of COD: Modern Warfare 2 when you are required to press the F key simultaneously to remove the knife from your chest. Sometimes, you may just not be fast enough. This key can help make the level much easier, not that the level is very difficult, but it helps to reduce stress while playing games and also keeps your keyboard intact!!

From the tool the user is required to select which tool he/she wants to be pressed and key modifiers are required which help identify when to start the sequence or even stop it. The tool has option of whether to keep the key pressed or you can even select the time between two key press events.

Download Robosoft Key Presser.

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