Rotate And Roll Is Physics Based Addictive Game [Saturday Fun]

Rotate and Roll is an addictive game based of physics law where all the rules of gravitation, velocity and rolling motion applies The name “Rotate and Roll” suits the nature of game because it is based on rotating the entire level with the help of left and right arrow keys and then the ball automatically starts rolling due to gravity.

In this game there is a small ball, there are planks, there is sun to burn you and there is a big ball which is an ultimate goal. While pressing the arrow key, the whole level rotate, which makes the plank to tilt to certain angle which causes the ball to roll.


Suppose while rolling, the ball goes out of the screen, then your game will be over, but you’ll get a “Retry” button on the bottom right. Your goal is to roll the ball into large ball. After you touch the small ball to the bigger bal you win and go to the next level.

But the game is not as easy as it sounds. There are few levels in which you have to take some object (coin) before completing the level. Without those objects you can’t complete it. Sometimes rotating the level and taking coin is not such easy, you have to apply your mind so that you take coin and also skip with the sun.

Sometimes you’ll get multiple ball in the same level and you have to show your presence of mind to touch those balls to the bigger balls. If you take too much time to complete a particular level then the background of the level automatically changes from light to dark.

Check out Rotate And Roll game [via DownloadSquad].

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