Rotation App gives you full Control over the Orientation of your Android Smartphone

Most of the touch screen smartphones today come with an accelerometer that basically turn the orientation of the screen based on how you are holding the phone, be it in landscape or portrait mode. However, just about every phone comes with a rotation lock control that fixes your phone to remain in the portrait mode. What if you want more out of your device, maybe you want to lock the phone in landscape mode or maybe you want to disable rotation for just a few selected apps? This is where Rotation app comes into play.

Rotation Trial

The application basically gives you full control of the rotation of your device. It is a rather simple app but really useful. You can lock your screen in your specified orientation including reverse landscape and portrait that no phone allows. You can also set rotation locks specific to the apps, so that in case you are reading kindle in bed, the phone would not auto rotate based on your position. You also get widgets with the apps, so you can quickly set the orientation lock, right from your home screen without having to delve deep into the app and change things around there.

The application is a paid one, but you can download a free 7 day trial from Google Play right now. In case you are on XDA, then the developer has made a cool trick for you to own the application, more on which can be found right here. The application does not require root access or any special permissions, so go ahead and try it out, if you want more control over your lockscreen.

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