Roundup From Blackberry World 2012

Research In Motion CEO  Thorsten Heins took center stage in Orlando today at the Blackberry World 2012. He made it absolutely clear that despite a lot being written about Blackberry and its future, he absolutely believes in the company, its future and was proud to be the one center stage. He made sure to tell all the representatives who were from about 150 countries that RIM loved them all. A lot of time was spent making the existing customers feel good about their association with Blackberry. He especially stressed on how Blackberry prides itself on satisfying the Social needs of its customers.

The highlight of the evening though came with the launch of BB10, the new Blackberry OS based on QNX. Blackberry seems to have totally revamped its OS for the launch of BB10 and the alpha version is now available with the developers. The first device running the BB10 is widely expected and rumored to be ready for a launch somewhere in October later this year. The operating system showed off few widgets such as a clock widget, temperature etc and a completely new multitasking window. The onscreen keyboard seems to have been given a lot of attention and it actually looked as effective as the physical keyboard on the older Blackberrys. In a lot of ways it looks like BB10 is an extended version of  WEBOS which was a great thing to see.

It is worth noticing that the BB10 not only will support smart phones and tablets but also various other devices such as Car based players. The feedback from the developers seems positive and it probably is RIM’s one of the last throw of dices to save itself. As a BB messenger and push Email fan, i hope the new developments work out for RIM.

via: Technobuffalo

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