Rovio Teases Us With Another Star Wars Angry Birds Video

Angry Birds is by far the single most popular gaming series on mobile devices today. These high flying birdies are everywhere, Android, iOS, Windows, even Symbian which is pretty hard to believe seeing how the OS has been on a downward spiral. but, in all seriousness if you have not played this game, then drop out of this post right away and go ahead and play it cause you are missing out on probably the game that changed how we see mobile gaming. And if you are just wondering how the addiction of Angry Birds is growing exponentially then go ahead and have a look at this very interesting infographic.

However, it seems like Rovio is in no mood to let the Angry Birds craze die down and seemingly a new version of them with Star Wars is releasing soon. And by soon we mean really soon. The date that has been given around is November 8th. However, after relative failure to gauge the audience by the space version of Angry Birds, we do like the fact that Rovio is taking time with releasing the Star Wars version. It is possible that the popularity of Star Wars as well the Angry Birds brand will work well if marketed properly. And in trying to achieve that, yet another theatrical trailer sorts has been released showing off what can we expect from the latest and greatest of Angry Birds, and if you have not seen it, you much, it actually looks really nifty. Here is the video:

Via: Androidguys


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