Run Android 4.0 on Windows Computer Using WindowsAndroid

Previously we saw many SDK based tool by which you can run and test Android on your PC. But the tool known as WindowsAndroid is totally different. It comes as a installable 64 MB .exe file format which you can download easily on your Windows computer.

After installing, you’ll get a full fledged working Android interface. You can use your mouse to move icons and select apps to test. It uses Windows kernel for hardware performance and graphics hardware acceleration and high performance media codec. Its performance is very high in comparison to virtual Android runs on Windows.


It can easily installed on Window 7, Windows 8 and older Windows Vista computer. You can have exactly same experience as you have on your mobile or tablet. It comes integrated with Windows flash application and media player function so that you can open any flash file on your browser. Also by using media player you can easily play any song or video.

It supports wide range of screen resolution. Also you can use your mouse, keyboard or remote control to control this tool. This version of tool runs Android 4.0 IcreCream Sandwich OS. According to developers at Socketq, they’ll soon release updated tool with latest version of Android.

Check out WindowsAndroid.

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