How To Run Chrome Stable and Chromium On a Same Computer

Yesterday I wrote a post about Chrome browser release channels. Apart from stable channel, there are three more channels available known as Beta, Dev and Canary built. The advantage of using dev version is you can get access to all the upcoming great features early.

If you are having stable version and planning to move to beta or dev channel for experiencing more features then you should know that moving from stable version to beta or from beta version to dev is a one way conversion. It means if you want to move beck from beta to stable channel or from dev to stable channel then you must have to re-install Chrome again.

If you want to experience latest upcoming feature on Chrome then it is better to download and run Chromium browser along with Chrome browser side by side. Chromium is an open source project from which Chrome draws its source codes. You can read more about Chromium at Wikipedia.

1. If you are Mac or Linux user then go to Chromium build server and download latest Chromium build.


2. If you are Windows user then go to this link. You’ll see all the versions of Chromium according to build date. Scroll down the page to get the most recent one. Click on the last directory.


Here you’ll find mini_installer.exe file. Click on it to download it on your computer.


After downloading, run the installer. After some time Chromium will get installed on your PC.


Enjoy Chrome and Chromium on the same PC. It is advisable to use Chrome Stable channel for minimum crash. Chromium will show you all the upcoming features in Chrome browser.

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  1. Thanks for the tip.

    I was wondering if there is way out using which I can reinstall the extensions in chromium which are already installed in Chrome. For example when I try and install the lastpass extension on chromium I cannot do so because it shows “added to chrome” and there is no other option to download or install the extension.

    The trick I use is that I download the extension using Internet Explorer but I was wondering if there is a better way to tackle this?

    Thanks in advance.

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