Run Command Line in Windows 7

If you click on the Start button you won’t find any run line in Windows 7 PC. The first question comes in our mind that where the run line disappears, is there some other place from where we can access run command line in Windows 7?

Well, in older Windows version like XP and Windows 2000 the run command line appears on the Start menu but it is not present by default in versions of Vista and Windows 7. You can always access run command line by using the keyboard shortcut “Win + R”.


If you want to see the link of Run command line on the start menu then go through these steps:

Right click on the Start button and select “Properties”.


In the Start Menu properties, click on the “Customize” button.


Scroll down to Run command option and check the box given next to it. Click the OK button.


Now go back to the Start menu, Run command line should be there on right below “Help and Support”. Yipee.


Click on it to open the Run line. Enter the commands and enjoy.

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