Run Specific Programs Directly From the Right Click Using Context Menu Editor

Some programs can be quite hard to find once installed as they can be located somewhere deep inside your hard disk and you may forget where it is located. Then after a while, when you try looking for it, you will not find it. Context menu editor is a simple portable utility that allows users to add programs to the context menu in Windows so that they can open those programs easily by just right clicking on the desktop.

context menu editordtlite

The app comes in a zip file. Simple extract all the files from the zip file and run the app. This is a portable app which requires no installation. So you don’t have to worry about any time wasting during installation. Once extracted, run the file. A window opens where you can see two main functions that this app can perform. You can add the location of a file or program that you wish to open from the context menu or you can even add the url of a website directly from the context menu itself. To add a location for a program, simply browse to the location of the file and click OK. Then click SET on the Context menu editor window and then you can access the program by simply right clicking on your desktop. If you want to access a website from your context menu, then simple enter the url of the website on the Context menu editor window and click SET.

You can remove the unwanted directories or locations from your context menu by going to the remove tab on the Editor where you can view all the programs and urls that you have added to the context menu. Just select the one you wish to remove and hit Delete. This will remove the directory permanently from your context menu.

Check out Context Menu Editor.

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