Rx Medicine Reminder Is An Android Application that Reminds You To Take Your Medicine On Time

Third party applications on mobile devices are a rage today. There is pretty much an application for everything. For your convenience you name it and there is an application Be if to wake you up or to put you to sleep, every facet of life today can be supported by a mobile application. However, for me personally applications such as reminders and calenders have been of most utility as it helps me to stay organized and not skip out on important commitments in life. But one thing am sure pretty much everyone ends up forgetting is the time of their medicines in case they have to take it. To help you with this Rx Medicine Reminder is a fantastic application on Android Play Store.

rx medicine

Rx Medicine Reminder works like just any other reminder application, where you can feed in the medicine name and the time at which you have to take it. The application then buzzes an alarm which would let you know that it is the time for you to take the medicine. You can set the application up to not only remind you but remind you for your relatives too who could need the medicine. You can set up for more than one medicine too which is pretty handy. the UI of the application is very simple making it really easy to set up. The application also has the ability to set up reminders and directions in case you have a pending doctors appointment. Some of the features of the application as listed down by the developer are as follows:

* Medication alarm: Create reminders for more than one medicines with custom dosage specification and patient. Reminders can be set as recurring with different start and end date. You can customize the recurring to any number of days, months, years.
* Medication alarm: Customize dosage for each alarm time in a reminder. With this you need not create different medicines with different dosage. The dosage specified during adding the medicine will be taken as the default dosage.
* Medicines manager: Add new medicines so you never have to re-enter medicine details for each reminder. Also use the current quantity and minimum level to know when medicine needs a refill.
* Appointment alarm: Add appointment reminders. Appointment reminder alert provides options to place phone call to the contact number given or show directions to practice address entered in doctor’s details.
* Doctor manager: Add details of doctor so you can quickly setup the appointment with the doctor. Doctor’s practice’s address can be picked by searching using the map. Appointment alert provides option to show direction to the practice address.
* Patients manager: Setup medication alarm for others. You can add details of the patient including blood group.
* Units manager: Add units of medicine, so you always specify the dosage correctly. App comes preloaded with several units.
* Password Security: Setup basic password security so nobody else sees your medication details.
* Application Widget so you can quickly see details of the next reminder directly from the main screen.
* Export reminders of a patient to a pdf file which you can print and use as a to do list. This feature shall help in case you have only one phone but have reminders for other patient. You can take a printout and give it to the patient.
* Disable reminder notifications.

Via: Google Play

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