Samsung Accidentally Confirms The Existence of Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini

The rumours of a mini variant of what is possibly the most popular smart phone today have been adrift for a while. Yes, we are talking about possibly yet another Samsung manufactured Android device, this time though, a Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini. Samsung did try a similar move for the Galaxy S III, but the S III Mini never really worked out and was pretty much failed to gain any traction in the market. However, with a belief that even the mid budget category deserves a Galaxy S IV device, Samsung accidentally, or maybe even deliberately has all but confirmed that the Galaxy S IV Mini does exist and you can expect it making an appearance near you soon.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini

The image was caught on Samsung’s Official Apps site here, and although, as expected the image was quickly taken down, but this did not go unnoticed and the power of web won over. The Samsung Apps site allows you to pick applications for your device, which you select and this is where an S IV Mini made an appearance despite not been launched yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini will be slightly trimmed down in terms of specs and will reportedly sport a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 960×540. The device will have a 8 MP shooter and a dual core Snapdragon chip.

Via: Mashable

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