Samsung Alleges to have Already Sold 6 Million Galaxy S4 Devices

In a claim that should be no surprise, Samsung has announced it has already sold over 6 Millions Galaxy S IV devices. Thanks to little competition with HTC One not available globally and strong marketing campaign coupled with already a strong foothold in the market, S IV has once again been a run away success. Plenty of tech experts claimed that this could be the year when Samsung’s dominance would be questioned with HTC finally producing the device which turned plenty of heads, but seems like their inability to throw the HTC One in the playing arena is already beginning to cost them.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

According to a Samsung Executive, reports Chosun Ilbo, a Korean newspaper, that Samsung had sold about 4 million Galaxy S IV between April 26th and April 30th. This figure stands at massive 6 million as of May 10th. Although these figures may not be accurate to the point of number of Galaxy S IV bought by the customers, as they simply tell the units which were shipped to the carriers and retail partners, but it does affirm the strong demand of the device. The device has been available in most parts of Europe, Asia and America from the last week of April.

It is also expected that the sales figures will hit the sweet 10 million mark at the end of May confirming the device we already knew to be a blockbuster hit.

Via: Android Central

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