Samsung and Nokia will do ad Campaigns for Windows phone 7.5

Nokia and Samsung have decided to spend some bucks on the ad campaigns of their windows phone 7.5 devices. This move comes after the report that Microsoft has given Nokia and Samsung a sum of $44 million so they can advertise for their devices launching later this month. Nokia is supposed to get $31.5 million whereas Korean giant Samsung will receive $12.5 million from Microsoft.

In Nokia’s ad campaign we will see the social media aspects of Windows phones and the Xbox side of the phones. The campaign will also focus on apps. Microsoft will also show how Windows phones can interact with Kinect games and demonstrate office using windows phone. Nokia’s new advertising campaign will focus on the family of Microsoft’s product and since Microsoft has close relations with Nokia, they might be funding it to develop windows phone devices too.

Samsung however will focus on “multimedia something for everyone” and its campaign will begin after the release of Omnia W. Microsoft hasn’t made any sorts of comment regarding the funding of marketing of Windows phone devices. Microsoft has already signed an Android patent deal with Samsung and Samsung will also be developing Windows phone devices as the part of the deal, which might includes producing Windows 8 tablets. This has been done because Microsoft was demanding $15 per handset from Samsung but they finally settled on $10 per handset along with Samsung’s promise to associate itself with Windows devices.

Windows phone 7.5 seems to be a promising OS? What would you prefer? Samsung’s Android handset or WP 7.5 handset?

[via Winrumors].

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