Samsung Announces Club Samsung Bringing Digital Entertainment to Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has announced the Club Samsung 2.0, which is their hub for everything digital entertainment. The store, very similar to what Sony has been packing in with their Xperia range of devices in the past couple of year will see plenty of exclusive media content including the likes of music, videos, movies etc. Samsung claims that the Samsung Club will work effortlessly offline which means it could be a great companion when you want to be travelling on a long haul flight or two and just want to revisit your content.


The hub includes hundred of videos and movies, while there are thousands of songs in there too. users can also make a choice based on the language of their preference to see local content. You can log into the Samsung Club using your Samsung ID and therefore all the playlists that you make including your favorite tracks will be available across all the devices you log into the Club from.

There is a neat Discovery Tab in there too, which would allow you to pick up assorted content based on the preference such as your mood. The Club also unifies your pre saved Media content and therefore you can catch all your multimedia content under one hood without having to shuffle apps. The app will be available starting 30th September and will support only 14 Samsung Galaxy devices, before scaling up to support up to 33 of them eventually. The application will be available to download directly from the Galaxy App Store.

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