Samsung Announces The Galaxy S IV

Samsung has finally taken the covers off the Galaxy S IV. In a rather unusual event held at Times Square in New York, Samsung showcased their new flagship device, the Galaxy S IV. The phone is strikingly similar to the older Galaxy S III and pretty much all the leaks on the internet were proved to be right. The device has a tagline Life’s Companion which is pretty weird to put it mildly.

Galaxy S IV

The Galaxy S IV is touted to be thinner and stronger than the Galaxy S III and has a larger display measuring 4.99 inches diagonally. The screen is a true HD display with 1080 P as predicted. The Rear Camera on the device is a 13 MP shooter while the front Facing Camera is 2 MP, both are capable to capture HD Videos. One of the coolest feature of the Galaxy S IV is the ability to attach voice notes to images so while you browse images you can hear the moment too and not just see it. The dual camera setup lets you capture yourself too while recording a video so that you do not miss out on being a part of the fun.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Galaxy S IV has an IR blaster built in too which lets you control your TV sets. Samsung Galaxy S IV has 2 GB of RAM on board and support for both LTE and 3G. The processor would be Exynos 5 or Qualcomm S4 pro depending upon the region you pick the phone from. The battery on the Galaxy S IV is 2600 mAh which should be enough to last you through the day.


The device would ship with 16, 32 or 64 GB storage space plus memory card slot. New features include Smart Pause and Smart Scroll which lets you either pause a video while you look away from the screen or scroll across the page depending on the position of your eye. Group play lets you combine 8 Galaxy S IVs to form a stereo system at home without the need of any sort of internet, also it is possible to play multi player games or share photos. The Galaxy S IV would also come with Knox security system which lets you separate your work space on the device to personal space and prevent malicious apps from getting installed. The device can be used with gloves too and with Air touch you do not have to touch the screen physically in few of the Samsung optimized apps.

Smart scroll

S- Translate is another interesting new feature which translates voice to text or text to voice on the spot. There are currently 8 languages including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Portuguese that are supported. S-Drive integrates S-Voice to a drive application which lets you a hands free use of the phone.

Overall, though the specs of the device are pretty good, we are disappointed that Samsung did not change the design of the phone or use better materials instead of the cheap plastic. However, it would not be right to comment on the device till the end of April which is when the shipping would start. The phone would be available in 155 countries in total.

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