Samsung announces the Gear S: A Tizen Powered Curved Smartwatch

One of the key strategies that Samsung seems to follow for any new category is to literally saturate it with enough product releases that if not all, at least one hits the relentless success chord. We saw that with the smartphones where every second day, a new device was launched until it became blatantly clear that was not working, we saw that with tablets which never worked, and to a smaller scale we are seeing that with watches now. It has hardly been an year since Samsung introduced its first smart watch, the Gear and since then we have already had about 5 other iteration and that is not counting the latest, Gear S.

Samsung Gear S_Blue Black_3

Samsung has announced the Gear S, which surprisingly or not really, does not run Android Wear but Samsung’s in house Tizen OS on top. The watch has a curved 2 inch AMOLED display as well as 3G and 2G connectivity so it can be used independent of the smartphone. The device has a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. The battery on board is 300 mAh which promises a miser 2 day usage. Absolutely shocking!

You do have S Health as well as other music apps that are built in, just like the Gear 2 here. The watch is also IP 67 certified, means you can pretty much take it in a dusty and water-y surroundings without worrying. Not just the Gear S, Samsung also announced the Gear Circle, a bluetooth headset accessory to complement the watch so you can listen to music or take calls wirelessly. Both the devices are expected to go on sale in various markets in October and no pricing was revealed during the launch.


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