Samsung Blocking S-Voice On Unauthorized Devices

We recently told you here that the Samsung Galaxy SIII excluse S-Voice was recently leaked for all the ICS based phones after a developed ripped it from the original device. The application was working just fine and answering all the queries until a few hours ago when seems like Samsung came to know about the leak of the app online. This prompted a constant response from the Korean giants and their partners Vlingo and seems like they blocked the application.

Now asking the application any query it just responds with a network error and asks you to come back later. It definitely is a massive blow for all those who thought they could get all the goodies of Samsung Galaxy SIII on their devices. Seems like after the failure to keep Flipboard exclusive, Samsung is taking quick actions to make sure that S-Voice stays an exclusive to its latest Flagship device. It does seem like the Vlingo Servers are made to not respond to any device which is not a GS3 and it was confirmed by the developers at XDA who were the first ones to rip the apk apart.

At the moment we start using S Voice we are sending all the following info to them:

X-vlclient: DeviceMake=samsung; DeviceOSName=Android; DeviceModel=Galaxy Nexus; DeviceOS=4.0.4; Language=en-US; ConnectionType=DirectTCP; Carrier=[my Carrier]; CarrierCountry=[my Country]; DeviceID=[my IMEI]; AudioDevice=Android

Looks easy to them to deny the requests from the phones other than Galaxy SIII. And they are doing this obviously, look at the response: HTTP 340 HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found
Expert Info (Chat/Sequence): HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found

It is a massive disappointment to all of us who actually have enjoyed using this application despite having doubts over its ability to compete with already the winner in Apple’s Siri.

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VIA: XDA, Technobuffalo

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