Samsung Brings the ability to Delete Sent Messages with the latest Update on ChatON

Has it happened with you that you have by mistake sent a message that was meant for someone to some other person by mistake? Or even just set out an incomplete message or something in the message that you want to make sure the user has deleted? If yes, then you would love the new feature bought in by Samsung’s in house IM service solution, ChatON. Despite being a bundled app with most of the Galaxy devices, Samsung ChatON has not achieved the sort of numbers like Whatsapp, BBM, Line or the other popular chat clients. In an attempt to differentiate itself from the others, ChatON has bought this feature to its app in the latest update which takes the version to 3.5.

Chat ON update

You can easily call a message back which will delete it immediately from the receivers device as well as your own device. To do this, all you need to do is select the message in the chat bubble, hold it for a while and when the popup appears, simply click on Recall. This move is certainly inspired from apps like Snapchat which make sure no message is saved on the recipient’s device.

Not just this, chatON also allows you to transfer 1 GB data files between users which is perhaps the maximum we have experienced in IM applications. You can also add upto 2,000 people in a group conversation which is double of what was possible so far. The app also allows translation of messages in over 14 languages including Hindi, Arabic and Farsi. Not just this, the app has finally bought the Share your Location feature, something apps like Whatsapp have always had. If you have ChatON installed, the update is available OTA, or you can simply install the app and the latest version will be installed on your device allowing you to enjoy these features.

Download ChatON free from Play Store here

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