Samsung Brings World’s First Quad Core TV

You’ve heard quad core computers, quad core mobiles. But quad core TV sounds bizarre. Samsung makes it true by bringing World’s first TV equipped with quad core processor. Samsung introduced UN60F8000, in CES 2013, Las Vegas. This TV has 1.35GHz chip based on the ARM Cortex-A15 architecture. The main feature of this TV is it can handle content with HEVC format also.


Adding quad core will help Samsung in delivering more features in efficient way because the new TV will be 2.6 times faster than previous dual core televisions. These features include motion sensing, front camera, voice commands, Micro Dimming Ultimate feature for LED backlight.

With increased speed Samsung wants to give best experience to users. It is noted that currently Samsung TV is coming with dual core processor. TV are very nice but apps don’t run too smooth on it. Now we can say that “the future is here!”.


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