Samsung ChatON To Get Updated With Voice And Video Soon?

Samsung ChatON messenger is probably one of the best alternatives when it comes to cross platform messaging. It is very similar to Whatsapp if you have been using the popular service. However, the service has not really taken off or beaten Whatsapp simply because it is pretty much a bloated format of Whatsapp, it has no real features that stand out. Having used the service, it does seem a little slow too and not as comfortable and easy on the eyes and hands like Whatsapp.

However, it does seem like now that ChatON is all set to get a few new services in the form of Voice and Video support. How exactly this would materialize is still a guess work, but we do feel it may be some form of short audio-video messages which have not really been done on any other cross platform messenger. We base this information on the screen shot obtained which clearly adds a ChatONV icon on the screen of this mysterious device.

How soon would this update come is anybody’s guess but we are fairly glad that Samsung are thinking ahead and taking ChatON seriously and there is a probability it would come to terms of Whatsapp’s success.

Via: AndroidCentral

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