Samsung Confirms Indian units of Galaxy S5 are Exempted from the Camera Bug

It was a pretty massive rage across the internet when some of the users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 reported that the Camera on the device does not fire up when it is instructed to do so or stops being unresponsive half way through. This is a persistent issue with some of the Samsung Galaxy S5 devices and is more than just a minor software bug. The users of Samsung Galaxy S5 who are contracted to Verizon Wireless career in the US. To their credit, Samsung has promised to the users that their devices will be replaced.

Samsung Galaxy S5 -- back

However, the Indian variant of the same phone is pretty different from the US versions. including a lack of support for LTE and presence of an Exynos 5 chip unlike the Snapdragon SoC in US sold devices. While both of these differences have often been used as a stick to beat Samsung, it looks like the decision to have a different device for the Asian market may have saved Samsung here. The Indian variants are not affected by this Camera bug and as a result there is no discontentment among the users once they have taken the plunge at least on the Camera launching front. Samsung spokesman confirmed that there had been no issue reported from India and there is no need for sweating. He stated, “We have a very strong momentum on the Galaxy S5 sales and no such case has been reported in India from the handsets sold”.

We have used the Samsung Galaxy S5 Indian variant for a while, and personally had absolutely no issues with the camera on the unit we had. Do let us know if your experience has been any different.


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