Samsung Could be Manufacturing Displays for iPhones in 2018

A new report has surfaced which has linked that Samsung could be rewarded with a contract to manufacture the displays of iPhones starting in 2018. The report is more of a rumor right now and there has been no concrete suggestion in any way to confirm that this is indeed happening or going through. While it may sound a little farfetched that Samsung and Apple would work together, that is not really the case. While Samsung Mobile and Apple continue their legal battle, Samsung Electronics has definitely buried the hatchet with Apple as they worked together on manufacturing the A9 chip. Samsung in the past has also supplied the OLED panel on the Apple Watch as well as LED panels for the iPads. Samsung has also provided panels for Macbooks.


Apple has worked with LG and Sharp for the supply of LCD panel for the iPhones in the past and it is rumored that in 2018, the competition will be between Samsung, LG and Huawei for being the manufacturer of the display. If Apple keeps up with the current naming convention of the iPhones, you can expect the upcoming iPhone in 2018 to be the iPhone 8. The entire report makes even more sense as there have been reports citing that Apple has been considering ditching LCD panels for an AMOLED display and who better than Samsung to do that.


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