Samsung Denies Boosting Galaxy S IV Performances for better Benchmark Scores

Some of the reports in the tech media threatened to rock the empire of Samsung Mobile, when they broke the exclusive that Samsung indeed has been optimizing the GPU performances of their devices so that they score well in the benchmark tests. For those of you unaware of the whole benchmarking process, it basically is running a couple of apps which rate the device on its CPU and GPU performances and compares it to several devices in its range. It was reported by some very trusted blogs such as Anand Tech that Samsung indeed had overclocked the GPU performances to 533 MHz on the S IV to boost the scores on these tests.


Image via: Telecomelead

However, Samsung has now given a response, saying that they have done nothing unethical and this is a practice that has been performed in the past and it is the inherent quality of their device to increase the GPU performances under certain circumstances. Here is the entire response.

Under ordinary conditions, the GALAXY S4 has been designed to allow a maximum GPU frequency of 533MHz. However, the maximum GPU frequency is lowered to 480MHz for certain gaming apps that may cause an overload, when they are used for a prolonged period of time in full-screen mode. Meanwhile, a maximum GPU frequency of 533MHz is applicable for running apps that are usually used in full-screen mode, such as the S Browser, Gallery, Camera, Video Player, and certain benchmarking apps, which also demand substantial performance.

The maximum GPU frequencies for the GALAXY S4 have been varied to provide optimal user experience for our customers, and were not intended to improve certain benchmark results.

Samsung Electronics remains committed to providing our customers with the best possible user experience.

Via: Samsung

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