Samsung Galaxy Nexus Begins To Receive Update To Android 4.1.2

While most of the devices still struggle to get an update of their OS to the prettiness of Ice Cream Sandwich, welcome to the astonishing world of a Nexus device which is already receiving the third major bumping upgrade of the sweetest Jelly Bean. It is common knowledge that one of the biggest advantages with using Nexus devices is that they are the first ones to get an upgrade to the latest offering from the world of Google’s Android OS. And it seems like the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus are already raking up software upgrade digits on other devices making owning then a proud experience for a nerd like me.

The update has already started rolling out to the version 4.1.2 which is the first major incremental update since the release of Android Jellybean 4.1. There has been a minor update in the past but this one seems to be one that not many saw coming. The major changes in the update are for the Nexus 7 users as the users are now able to use the device in landscape mode too. There are not many obvious changed in the Galaxy Nexus. The transitions though do seem a lot finer and quicker and maybe the battery has been tweaked a little. I was able to score about 2 hours of on screen time with 3G always on and still have about 50% battery left as compared to about 35% previously. There also seems to be a little improvement with the screen brightness as colors seem a little more saturated and more natural after the update. There have been plenty of bug improvements too. Over all not too much that can be written about.

Has your device, particularly the Nexus ones been updated to 4.1.2?  Do share your experience with it if yes in the section below.

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