Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Retail Packaging Reveals Confirmed Specifications

Samsung is set to reveal the Galaxy Note 5 on 13th of this month. It is the most anticipated launch of a Note product since perhaps the Note 2 after the massive success that the Note 1 enjoyed. The reason for that is everybody is curious about the new glass and metal design that Samsung has adapted with the Galaxy S6 and how the same will transfer to the new Note device. While we have seen numerous leaks of the phone in the media and speculations around the exact specifications, nobody has been absolutely sure, until now. We are sure of the specifications of the device thanks to a user on Reddit who has supplied a fair few product shots as well as the box shot of the device.

Retail Package- Note 5

A close look at the box and you can be assured that the Galaxy Note 5 will come in the 32 GB variant quashing the reports that the base model would be 64 GB. The phone will come with 4 GB of RAM and a 64 Bit Octa-core SoC. The screen size would be 5.7 inches for the Quad HD display. Rear camera on board will be 16 MP with OIS while the front facing snapper will be 5 MP and the device will come with Knox protection.

Note 5 Profile

On to the product shots, the phone looks strikingly similar to the Galaxy S6 as Samsung has gone ahead with the same glass and metal design. The S-Pen will continue to be spring loaded where users will simply have to put some force on the reverse side and the pen will come out just a shade, only for the user to pull it out further. The camera module also seems to be risen, just like the Galaxy S6.

Note 5 Edge

The Galaxy Note 5 Edge too was pictured in the leaks, though no picture of the box was seen.

You can find more pictures of the Galaxy Note 5 and Note 5 Edge here.


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