Recently Samsung launched another beautiful gadget. Goes by the name Galaxy note. It’s a smartphone, but really, is it a smartphone? Or is it a tablet? Lets find out.

Its huge, for a smartphone I mean, smaller when compared to tablets but then like Samsung says, it’s a smartphone. Although, there was one device ,still is, dell streak, but that didn’t create waves, not enough to be noticed anyway. But this baby, has enough to prove its point.

This is the whopper sandwich in smartphones. An amazing 5.3 inches of HD Super AMOLED screen beams out to you when the Note powers up. The screen is sharp, very sharp. 720p HD screen.

If you can play 1080p videos, then the full HD skills of the rear mounted 8MP camera will be useful. And ofcourse you have an LED flash and a front facing camera, 2 MP.

There is a gimmick though, elephant in the room, the stylus which comes with it. Although the demonstrations show you can draw and paint and stuff, but quintessentially it’s a gimmick. Fun yet gimmick.

This machine is as fast as a super computer. Thanks to its 1.4 Ghz dual-core processor. Gingerbread runs quickly and smoothly, personally I have never seen gingerbread running this quickly on any other device.

With all the above mentioned features, the phone is still slim, maintained its waistline. Well under 10mm thick and just about 180 grams. Don’t forget its size, its HUGE. The battery, its 2500mAh. A lot I suppose 😉

With ipad, we got a new category of devices known as tablets, lets see whether this ‘smartphone’, or this new gadget is able to forge a new class or a new breed of gadgets, somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet.


Operating system: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Display: 5.29 inch HD Super AMOLED(1280×800)

Processor: 1.4 Ghz Dual core

Cameras : 8MP with LED flash, 2MP(front)

Connectivity:Bluetooth 3.0,USB 2.0,Wifi a/b/g/n,3G

Memory: 16gb,(+micros Sd upto 32gb)


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