Samsung Galaxy Note III Battery: Best for Video Playing, Not so much for Web Browsing

Battery life has become one of the key parameters when it comes to judging a smartphone. Although the screens have gotten better, processors have become faster and RAMs have been upgraded, one thing that hasnt really progressed as much as most would have liked is battery technology. This is why, Battery Tests have become even more critical now, in the age where most OEMs are actually dealing in so close margins when it comes to cutting edge technology.


One device that really stood out when it comes to Battery Tech last year was Note II from Samsung. However, with Note III now hitting the market, it is interesting to compare, how much has Samsung progressed in terms of bettering the Battery Performances. If the report by a Korean site WebSpace is anything to go by, then the Samsung Galaxy Note III is the best device for watching videos. The device lasted a full 15 hours from full charge to empty on a maximum brightness while playing videos. The device though, did not do very well when it came to browsing internet and lost to the older Note II, clocking a total of 6 hours 43 minutes as compared to 7 hours 41 minutes of the Note II.


These tests were performed on the Exynos Octa Core 5420 model of the device so the results may have been different for the Note III running on Snapdragon 800. However, it is pretty surprising how the performance of the device while browsing the web deteriorated. We obviously have no information on which sites were browsed and how was the test conducted, but still, makes for a very interesting research.

Via: technobuffalo

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