Samsung Galaxy S IV Active Pictures Leaked Online

It is the worst kept secret that Samsung is preparing a more  rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, their flagship device. The device is slated to be called the Galaxy S IV Active, and seemingly now has been leaked online. Although, not confirmed, it is a fine guess of the best in the industry that pictured below indeed is the Samsung Galaxy S IV Active.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Active

The device is the waterproof and dust proof version of the Samsung Galaxy S IV and comes in category of devices that are made to be used roughly. Looking at the device, it is a surprise that the device looks pretty appealing aesthetically, not something you will hear being spoken about a Samsung mobile device. Unlike the S IV though, the S IV Active sports three physical buttons and a dual skin tone with red color back panel and a red outer lining.

Galaxy S IV Active

The internals of the phone are believed to be 1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 processor and the screen is the same 5 inch 1280 P HD screen as seen on the original Galaxy S IV. The device from the leaked shots looks incredibly thin as well, something you do not associate with devices that are made for a slightly rough usage. Be sure though, that this S IV Active would not be the last device in the series of Galaxy S IV devices planned by Samsung, as there have been rumors galore about a mini variant and a mega variant already.

Via: Androidcentral

Source: GSM Arena

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