Samsung Galaxy S IV Allegedly Leaked On Chinese Forums

We are ever so close to the Unpacked Event on the 14th of this month when Samsung releases the Galaxy S IV, it’s latest and greatest smart phone. So far, unlike most of the other events there has not been too much buzz about the device and the leaks are pretty much non existent  We do not know if it is down to the fact that people are just not interested or Samsung have really stepped their security to terrific levels. Whatever it is, we are happy with it, since it makes for a good suspense while following the event.

Samsung galaxy S IV

However, some folks at a Chinese Forum claim that they have got their hands on, on what could be the final designed Samsung Galaxy S IV. The leaked device is said to be optimized for the telecom company Unicom, and some of the specs are as we expected with a 1080 P display, Android 4.2.1 out of the box and 2 GB RAM with a 1.8 GHz quad core processor. There is no clear indication if the display is AMOLED or LCD variant after there were rumors that Samsung might finally ditch the AMOLED technology this time around.

Samsung Galaxy S IV_2

The over all aesthetics of the device, if this is indeed the final product do not look overly impressive It looks a more rounded and bigger S III. We would definitely like Samsung to use more premium quality hardware on the device and take their designing to another level. However, as the title suggests that this may be purely a false story and not turn out to be the final device. There is only one way to find out, tune in to the event on March 14th.

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