Samsung Galaxy S IV and Note III To Get KitKat Update in January 2014?

While the users of Nexus line of devices are enjoying the crunchy KitKat on their devices, the rest of the devices are patiently waiting for their Manufacturers to lay down the list as to when they could enjoy the taste of the Chocolate. We had HTC earlier shouting out, that an update for their HTC One GPE has been submitted and the Internal Update may start roll out in January and Sony recently too laid their plans. One OEM that has been surprisingly silent on this has been Samsung.


However, looks like we have the first confirmations of updates for Samsung devices. The latest flagships i.e Note III and the Galaxy S IV are set to receive the update to latest Android version 4.4 as early as beginning of next year while the older devices such as the Galaxy S III and Note II may have to wait as far away as April of 2014 to receive the update. Hwowever, this is not for the first time that Samsung has supported a device well beyond it’s Nexus product even though it was released around similar period, yes, we are talking about the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S III.

There is no saying whether the document published by iTechAddict is genuine or not, but given how the rest of the players in the market are positioning themselves for the update, this does seem a very reasonable time frame.

Via: Sam Mobile

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