Samsung Galaxy S IV Leaked On Video Ahead Of March 14th Launch

Samsung Galaxy S IV is the hot talk of the town. it is coming and it is coming in another two days But, like always after an initial silence and dormancy, seems like the internet community just cannot wait for the device. As a result after the images were leaked yesterday, we now have the video of the device too. However, the device looks extremely similar to the S III and we feel like keeping in line with the Apple and Nokia policy of not radically redesigning the device is the way Samsung is going too. Not sure how successful the policy would be given that the iPhone and the Lumia series of devices both had exquisite and premium design, and not the same can be said of Samsung Galaxy S III.


However, from the official teaser image of the Samsung S IV by Samsung, it does appear that the plastic chassis of the device is here to stay at least for another year. Here is the leaked video that you can check out of the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Again, we do not claim the responsibility if the device is original or fake because in our experience we know that Samsung does give out premature hardware to its testers for checking the defects in software and apparently there were more than 10 designed galaxy S III. So the only way is to wait and find out.

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