Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini Images Surface Online Again

It is little secret that Samsung is working on a miniature version of it’s flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S IV, and no prizes for guessing that it is called the Samsung galaxy S IV Mini. After diluted success of the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, this time Samsung has gone one with pretty decent specs on the S IV Mini variant so the step down is not all that massive.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini

According to the leaked specs, it is believed that the Samsung Galaxy S IV mini would sport a 4.3 inch display in comparison to the 5 inch one found on the Galaxy S IV. It would also rock a 1.6 GHz Dual Core processor as compared to the Quad Core one found on it’s elder brother and have an 8 MP camera for taking shots. Needless to say, the device would be cheaper as compared to Galaxy S IV and would be targeting the people who cannot afford the Galaxy S IV.

samsung Galaxy S IV Mini vs Galaxy S IV

It is not really clear when the device would be available and how much would it set you back by, but surely it is a matter of time. This rumor means we could expect three new Samsung devices in the coming weeks or months after it was leaked out that Samsung was indeed working on two new devices called the Zoom  with 16 MP Camera and S4 Active which is a more rugged version of the Galaxy S IV.

Via: Engadget

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