Samsung to Start Galaxy S V Mass Production in January

The year 2013 will be remembered for some stellar contributions to the world of technology. The phones continued to get obscenely bigger but we also had new smart product category with wearable technology taking its bow on the stage of tech. The Galaxy Gear may not have been a popular piece of tech but it certainly was a first. However, few days post the launch of the Galaxy Gear you knew that Samsung would come up with an iterative version of the Galaxy Gear very soon.


And this might happen early next year when the next version of Galaxy Gear will go in production with the Samsung Galaxy S V. If the reports are to be believed the two devices will be announced together alongside each other in the first quarter of next year. Samsung Galaxy S series of devices have traditionally been launched in the first quarter of the financial year and could go into production as early as January of 2014. The device is said to pack a metal chassis in a move away from the traditional plastic that Samsung have been so heavily criticized in the various quarters of tech world.

The Galaxy S V is expected to pack the SnapDragon 800 SoC and a size very similar to the S IV. The release date though not clear could be somewhere around the March/ April period.

Via: Technobuffalo/ ETnews

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