Samsung Galaxy S4 Already Outselling HTC One

If you were to hold an HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy S IV at the same time, there is little doubt that it would be the HTC device that wil immediately impress you. the metallic body, the gorgeous display and an overall premium feel defeats the plastic of the SIV any day. But, if only just how good a device is or how well it performs was the key point on the checklist of what makes a successful device then the HTC One would have been a rockstar in terms of selling already. A very strong marketing effort by Samsung and an already established name in the market with resounding success in customer satisfaction meant that it will take a lot more than a top end smart phone to top Samsung, especially when the S IV in itself is a very capable device.

S4-vs- HTC One

This seems to be once again proving true as the Samsung flagship device the Galaxy S IV is already outselling the HTC One in a ratio of 2 is to 1. These figures are based on the early sales figures reported by Samsung, yet there is no official confirmation of the numbers sold by HTC. Although, this is a drastic improvement for HTC than last year when the Galaxy S III absolutely blew away the HTC One X. However, for such an maculate device that the HTC One is, this may seem like a defeat already. With a mass exodus being reported at HTC and the company in a free fall, you wonder if this was realistically the best chance for HTC to dethrone Samsung as the leading Android OEM out there. Seems like a distinct dream already if the early figures are to be believed.

You got to believe that the situation will not get any better for HTC either, especially because Samsung will continue to market their device like no tomorrow, while HTC have always been known to be a more subtle player which lets its products do the talking. Definitely this strategy does not seem to be working though, and if HTC have to establish itself back to the top, some radical changes are required in terms of their strategies, cause make no mistake, HTC One is the very best Android device out there.

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