Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with MRP of Rs 54,300 and to sell for Rs 51,500 in India

Samsung dropped a right proper bombshell when it announced that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will cost anywhere in between Rs 51,000 and Rs 54,000 when it releases on the 11th of April in India. There had been several reports in the media about a possible lower than S4 price at the launch of the S5 but that obviously did not happen.


Since then, a lot of water has bypassed that bridge and still the speculations are rife in the market as the launch day s closer than ever. Today, the Gear 2, Gear Fit and Gear 2 Neo all wet up for sale in the market slightly ahead of the schedule. So, it is obvious that price of the Galaxy S5 is up for debate. However, the earliest clue about the price of the device is provided by the renowned dealer, Manish Khatri of Mumbai who has tweeted, saying that the device will come with an MRP of about Rs 54,300 and the best buy price of the same will be Rs 51,500 which is still absolutely ginormous for a device that is basically an iterative display still retaining the plastic body of the previous generation S4.

The dealer also gave an insight into the first reaction of the consumers, stating that several people who used the phone did not like it and could not get the premium feel of the phone which they had expected of a Rs 50,000+ device. All of this point out, that maybe for the very first time since the S2, Samsung sales figures could be a bit of a bother for a company that so far has had a monopoly in the market.

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