Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Revealed Before Being Launched

Samsung has accidently given away that the Galaxy S6 Edge would not be the last model that would hit the markets under the Galaxy S6 family of devices. Just like the Galaxy S5 last year, the Galaxy S6 this year is set to receive a rugged variant of the device which basically makes sure that no natural phenomenon including bad rains or even a massive dust storm or a big feet fall can cause any damage to the smartphone.


The rugged version of the S6 will be called the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active and will come definitely on AT&T carrier in the United States. This is because the first genuine leak of the device has come from an action that saw Samsung by mistake upload the device details on their US website. The internals of the phone remains exactly the same, though from the outside you have a rugged body construct as well as few new buttons that are flanking the home button. Finger Print scanner, as well as the Heart Rate Monitoring sensor are located on the device too, which comes in two variants including white and blue.

The device will come with only 32 GB of storage with no space for a Micro SD slot and that is a bit of a bummer. Other than that, the internals of the phone are same, and we have no information on the potential pricing of the device.

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