Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Will Come With QuickCharge 2.0 and not 3.0

If you are planning to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge, then we have some rather disappointing news for you. The device that is rocking the latest Snapdragon 820 chipset will not be coming with the latest QuickCharge 3.0 technology. Instead, Samsung has decided to only go with QuickCharge 2.0 technology, something that we have already seen on the devices that are using Snapdragon 810, like the Nexus 6P. 

Galaxy S7

LG G5, another phone that was announced at the MWC 2016 along with the Samsung Galaxy S7 rocking the same Snapdragon 820 chipset comes with QuickCharge 3.0 technology, with USB Type C. The reason that Samsung has not gone for the QC 3.0 seems to be to keep the device on parity with the Exynos 8890 chipset variant which is expected to be released in a lot of APAC region.

QC 3.0 is at least 45% more efficient than the QC 2.0 as far as the performances go, so that is quite a lot of hit to take, but for the sake of parity and to not give a clear advantage to one version over the other, Samsung has gone the route of keeping only QuickCharge 2.0 on its latest smartphone. The same is true for the Galaxy S7 Edge and you would wonder if the same would happen when inevitably, a Note Edge+ version of the S7 would hit the market.

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